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We provide you in our Management Information System report the following data:

⦁  Key Financial and Statistical Profit and Loss performance indicators.

⦁  Monthly Actuals in comparison to Budgets and Historical performances.
⦁  Monthly Forecast in comparisons to Budgets and Historical performances.
⦁  Budget in comparison to latest Forecast, and Historical Performances.
⦁  10-year Plans.
⦁  Monthly Actual Cash Flow Reports.
⦁  Monthly Updated Cash Flow Forecast reports.
⦁  Budget Cash Flow Forecast Reports.
⦁  10-year Plan Cash Flow reports.
⦁  Fair Market Valuations, based on Budget and 10-year Plan projections.
⦁ Fair Market valuations, based on Latest Forecast and 10-year Plan projections (monthly updates).
⦁  Competitors Data Analysis, current and historical performances.
⦁ Accounts Receivable Analysis i.e., dashboard, aging, client and hotel analysis.
⦁ Operators Cost Analysis, i.e., management and incentives fees, reservations fees, loyalty fees and all other charges.
⦁  Forecast Variance reports, updated monthly.
⦁  Saving Analysis reports, Profit drop True/Cost Recovery Analysis.
⦁ Dash Boards with key Statistical and Financial indicators on Actuals, Historical and Budget.
⦁  Purchasing Analysis, i.e., Goods of purchases, Area of purchases.
⦁  Staff breakdown Analysis, i.e., by department, positions, cost, local, expat etc.

All the above done on individual Hotel and Consolidated Portfolio levels. Additional analysis if required can be made on request. 
How do we work:

We ask your individual Hotels to provide us the key financial data updates on a monthly basis, thru a simple excel input working document, i.e., by the 5th working day of the next month period. Once we receive the data, we send you the MIS analysis reports in an excel format, with our comments on the key indicators. Consolidated reports for group of hotels will be made separately.

Why do we provide this service?

Asset Managers and Hotel Owners receive from the Hotels financial statements, which mainly represent various revenues and cost centers, but these lacks the ability of properly scrutinizing the results optimal. Missing of the key indicators, profit drop thru/cost recovery factors, limits proper analysis how the hotels perform in terms of revenues generations, cost management, profit drop true and return on investments. Cash flow statements are often not provided, and it is merely not in the know how of the operator providing effective cash management. 

With the MIS package we are providing, the Owners or Asset manager has the tools needed to professionally analyze, question the financial performances, optimize cash management and evaluate the returns on investments and fair market valuations. 

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